Highlights of the Lysefjord

Cruise the Lysefjord and hike the classics:
Preikestolen, Flørli, Kjerag

3-5 days


2 ferries

Activity level: high

This is an itinerary for the active hiker who wants to combine ticking off the highlights with a fjord cruise through the entire Lysefjord. It is technically possible to visit Preikestolen, Kjerag and Flørli i 3 consecutive days, but remember these are not walks in the park! We therefore highly recommend spending a bit more time in and around the Lysefjord; to wind down, explore other trails, or engage in other activities. Ideally, you should use at least 5 days on this itinerary.

Below, you will find our recommended itinerary. Scroll further down for inside tips about detours and other attractions and activities to discover along this route.

Stage 1
Stage 1

Scenic drive + Kjerag Hike

Start in Stavanger or Sandnes and drive through the scenic valleys of Oltedal, Dirdal, Hunnedal and Sirdal. Experience the moon-like landscape of the mountain pass between Sirdal and Kjerag Trailhead. Hike “the Majesty of the Lysefjord”, drive down the spectacular 27 hairpins to the Lysefjord and spend the night in cozy Lysebotn. Drive yourself or take the bus.


Stage 2
Stage 2

Fjord Cruise + Flørli Staircase

Cruise through the Lysefjord, under Kjerag’s Boulder, and visit the roadless hamlet of Flørli, a former power plant village. Hike the world’s longest wooden staircase, 4,444 steps long, to enjoy jaw-dropping views of the Lysefjord and surrounding mountains. Hike down, visit the power station, and spend a night at this unique location.


Stage 3
Stage 3

Cruise + Preikestolen Hike

Cruise through the western part of the Lysefjord, admiring Hengjanefossen waterfall, Preikestolen, and more. Drive or take a taxi from Forsand to Preikestolen Parking and hike the most iconic natural landmark in Norway. From the top of the 604 meters high cliff, you will find the most dramatic views that Fjord Norway has to offer. Enjoy a good meal and spend the night at Preikestolen BaseCamp and take a bus or drive back to Stavanger to next day.


Detours, attractions and activities

In general, we recommend staying an extra night in Lysebotn, Flørli and/or Preikestolen. When driving by car, you have further flexibility to extend your stay along the roads to/from Kjerag and Preikestolen.

Between Stavanger/Sandnes and Kjerag, we can recommend hiking Ramntoknuten or Månafossen Waterfall. At closeby Frafjord, you can go for a kayak or SUP board tour. Stop at Byrkjedalstunet for a good meal or shopping local products. You can easily spend an extra night in Sirdal for an excellent dinner at Slottet or visit the climbing park Høyt & Lavt.

In Lysebotn, you can go hiking, play frisbee golf, rent a bike, or paddle in the Lysefjord. SBK Base offers rentals and tours.

It is easy to stay an extra night in Forsand. Gjøysa Gard, Lysefjorden Marina, Haukali 333, Lysefjorden Hyttegrendand The Bolder offer accommodation. Hike to Sokkanuten, Sollifjellet or Fantapytten, or join guided tours with Fjord Expedition, Nordic Paddling, Explore Lysefjorden or Fossanmoen Islandic Horse Center.

Near Preikestolen, you can stay at Preikestolen BaseCamp, Preikestolen Camping, Verkshotellet or Marihønehuset. Villa Rosehagen in Jørpeland is a pleasant eatery in an old wooden villa from 1912. Go for more local hikes around Jørpeland, or walk to the popular Jørpelandsholmen Island, reachable by a bridge, just outside the city center. Here, you can walk, jog, swim, barbeque, play disc golf, fish, or visit children’s playgrounds.

Practical information

It is possible to drive this route by car and take your car on the ferry. Please check our ferry information carefully, and make sure you make a booking well in advance.

Flørli is a roadless hamlet. In general, we do not recommend taking your car to Flørli. However, if you are traveling onwards after visiting Flørli, it is possible to take your car on the ferry to Flørli, and park at the quay.

When traveling by public transportation, we recommend booking your tickets in advance. Between Forsand and Preikestolen Parking, you need a taxi. Make sure you have arranged this prior to arrival, to avoid waiting times.

A video impression

We are excited to share our video impression of the Lysefjord, showcasing its diverse landscapes from rustic settlements to thrilling hiking destinations like Preikestolen, Kjerag, and Flørli. Join us on a journey through this 42-kilometer marvel, rich in history and adventure, and discover the enchanting allure of Lysefjord.”

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Highlights of the Lysefjord

Cruise through the Lysefjord and hike the classics: Preikestolen, Flørli, Kjerag


Lysefjord visitor guide

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