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The Lysefjord is located in Rogaland county, Fjord Norway, and home to the famous Preikestolen and Kjerag rock formations. The 42-kilometer-long fjord was originally a river valley, created by streams and rivers that eroded through an old, plain landscape. Through a series of ice ages, this valley was transformed into its current deep U-shape.

On this page, you can find information on how to travel to the Lysefjord.

Recommended Scenic Route 

The Best of the South-West

Experience the Lysefjord and a selection of hand-picked highlights in the fjords and mountains of southwest Norway.

Based on our own experiences, we have composed an itinerary for you, following scenic routes, and connecting the best attractions. See and experience some of the finest nature in the regions of Kristiansand, Stavanger, Ryfylke, and Setesdal. Drive along the coast, fjords and inlets, over some of the most spectacular mountain passes, hike Preikestolen, Kjerag and Flørli, go salmon fishing or river rafting, and visit cozy towns along the way. Experience all the different landscapes Norway has to offer in this doable roundtrip.

820 km

3-6 days


2 ferries

Map Lysefjord
How to travel to our region

Stavanger and Sandnes are the region’s main transport hubs.

By bus, you can take long distance coaches Kystbussen from Bergen and Vybuss from Kristiansand / Oslo.

By train, you can travel “Sørlandsbanen” from Kristiansand / Oslo with Go Ahead Nordic.

By car, you can travel to us from Bergen (north) and Kristiansand / Oslo (south-west) by driving the E39. From Hardanger and Røldal, the road 13 through Ryfylke is the best option. From Setesdal, you can drive the Suleskard mountain road (summer only).

Stavanger Airport (Sola) is our closest airport.

Risavika Havn is our closest port, with ferry connections to Bergen and Hirtshals (Denmark), operated by Fjord Line.

Ferry offer on the Lysefjord

A boat trip through the Lysefjord is an experience that gives long-lasting memories. Glide through the fjord while looking at the steep mountain walls.

We have gathered all information about ferries on the Lysefjord on this page.

Access roads to the Lysefjord

From Stavanger

Take road 13, driving the Ryfylketunnel (world’s longest undersea road tunnel), following signs towards Røldal. At the end of the tunnel (Solbakk), you can choose to drive south to Jørpeland, Preikestolen and Forsand, or north/east to Tau and Årdal, from where you can drive the mountain road to Songesand.

From Hardanger / Ryfylke / Hjelmeland

Driving road 13 from the north, take the exit towards Songesand, just south of Årdal. The mountain road is narrow and winding, but spectacular. Remember to check the ferry schedules if you want to travel onwards to Flørli and Kjerag.

From Setesdal / Sirdal

When coming from the east, the stunning Suleskard mountain pass is recommended. It is narrow and winding. Arriving in Sirdal, follow signs to Lysebotn, leading you over another beautiful mountain pass. This is the easiest road to reach Kjerag by car. Remember to check the ferry schedules if you want to travel onwards.

A video impression

We are excited to share our video impression of the Lysefjord, showcasing its diverse landscapes from rustic settlements to thrilling hiking destinations like Preikestolen, Kjerag, and Flørli. Join us on a journey through this 42-kilometer marvel, rich in history and adventure, and discover the enchanting allure of Lysefjord.”

Basecamps around the Lysefjord


The “City of Ryfylke” is the largest settlement around the Lysefjord. It offers accommodation, restaurants, shopping and many outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, kayaking, boating, fishing, golf, disc golf, and more. It is the perfect basecamp for day trips to Preikestolen and many other attractions in the region.

Lauvvik / Oanes / Forsand

These 3 small settlements at the mouth of the Lysefjord – each on their own shore – are connected by a car ferry between Lauvvik and Oanes, and the Lysefjord bridge between Oanes and Forsand. Here, you will find several accommodation options, the “Lysefjordsenteret” (Oanes), a boat marina and grocery stores (Forsand). There are also many (guided) hiking, biking and even horse riding options. From Lauvvik and Forsand, you can take ferries through the Lysefjord.


Songesand is scenically located half-way the Lysefjord. It is connected to the outside world by a stunning mountain pass over Lyngsheia. At Songesand, you can stay at Songesand Camp. Songesand is a natural start for a variety of day hikes and the multi-day Lysefjorden Trail. From Songesand, you can take ferries to Flørli, Lysebotn/Kjerag and Forsand/Preikestolen.


Flørli is a roadless hamlet serviced by four ferries per day. It lies deep into the spectacular Lysefjord. Flørli is popular for its 4444 steps right up the mountain – the longest wooden stairway in the world. It is also known for its hydropower history – in the power hall you can visit the exposition and enjoy the summer-open Power Café.

Flørli is a place to relax. It is also a basecamp for great outdoor adventures, such as kayaking and fishing. Use Flørli as your base for hiking and trail-running in the Frafjordheiane Landscape Reserve.


In the heart of the Lysefjord is the power village Lysebotn, which has supplied electricity to large parts of the country since the 1950s.

This small village has only 10 permanent inhabitants, but attracts a lot of tourists and BASE jumpers from all corners of the world during the summer season. It is also the perfect basecamp for hiking Kjerag and many other day hikes. You can start or end your multi-day hike along the Lysefjord here.

In Lysebotn you will find accommodation, café, country store and tourist information. Located at the very end of the fjord, you can take a ferry to Flørli, Songesand, Forsand/Preikestolen and Lauvvik from here. By car, 27 hairpins take you up to the mountain to the Kjerag Trailhead and the mountain pass to Sirdal.

Preikestolen Tourist Information info@preikestolen365.no (+47) 45 86 77 62
Kjerag Tourist Information kjerag@lysefjorden365.no (+47) 40 30 68 65
Lysebotn Tourist Information info.lysebotn@lysefjorden365.no (+47) 47 50 15 70
Jørpeland Tourist Information info@ryfylke.com (+47) 98 21 99 75
Forsand Tourist Information turistinfo@sandnes.kommune.no (+47) 90 53 60 66


Based on our experience, we would like to share some recommendations with you


Several hiking trails start in Flørli, some of which are connected to the Lysefjorden Rundt Trail


Information tools to plan for a safe and enjoyable hike to Preikestolen, whatever season.

The lysefjord

when to visit?

You can actually visit the Lysefjord year-round!

Lysefjord visitor guide

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