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Utvikling AS

The Lysefjord is an important destination for the whole region, and that is precisely why Lysefjorden Utvikling AS (Lysefjord Development) was established by Rogaland County Council and a number of municipalities around the Lysefjord. Lysefjorden Utvikling AS will participate in the development of the tourism industry in and around the Lysefjord and has its main task within infrastructure, business development and hosting.

Our job

The Lysefjord is part of the sustainable destination scheme, which means that in the development work we take great responsibility for protecting nature, culture, and the environment. We will develop the Lysefjord as a positive asset for the local community and create a long-term profitable industry. The basis for everything we do is to create good experiences for those who visit the destination as well as those who live in the area. New technology and new solutions that support this work will be given priority.


Our vision is to maintain and develop the Lysefjord as a vibrant fjord. 

Our goal is to develop the Lysefjord as an innovative, year-round and sustainable destination, world-renowned for its unique hiking experiences.

It is also our goal that the Lysefjord will be a destination where people live and work throughout the year.

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Lysefjorden utvikling AS

Our people

Helge Kjellevold

Helge Kjellevold

Managing Director

Lysefjorden Utvikling AS og
Stiftelsen Preikestolen
Phone: +47 957 97 266

Johannes C. Apon

Johannes C. Apon

tourism developer

Lysefjorden Utvikling AS
Phone: +47 95558952

Henrik Lilleheim

Henrik Lilleheim

Operation manager Kjerag

Lysefjorden Utvikling AS
Phone: +47 93656665


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