Norwegian Scenic hike


Norwegian Scenic hike

world’s longest wooden staircase


Flørli is a former Power Plant village in Lysefjorden where you will find the worlds longest wooden staircase, 4444 steps, which you can climb to the top of the mountain. Spectacular views along the hike and at the top.
Challenge yourself and hike the world’s longest wooden staircase, reaching an elevation of 750 meters above sea-level. On the way up, you’ll enjoy jaw-dropping views of the Lysefjord and surrounding mountains.

Flørli is a demanding 6-kilometer hike, which takes 4 hours in total (roundtrip). The first 2 kilometers follow the famous 4,444 steps of the world’s longest wooden staircase. Once you’ve reached the mountaintop, we advise hiking the trail through the forest and on to the remain of the Flørli village down again. It is not recommended to hike the staircase downhill. Total elevation gain: 750 meters.

Distance - Round trip

6 km

Total elevation gain

750 meters

total time - Round trip

4-5 hours*

*There are also shorter versions of this trip available.

Local weather

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Getting to Flørli
Flørli is only accessible by ferry, with your own boat or by hiking across the mountains. You can bring your car on the ferry or leave it on the quay in Lauvvik, Forsand, Songesand or Lysebotn. If you bring your car, you can park it on the quay in Flørli, but there’s no parking at the accommodation itself.
Getting to Flørli by ferry

The Fjords tourist ferry –  two times a day, every day from 20 May to 29 August.You can bring your car or park it at Forsand/Lauvik or in Lysebotn.



Rødne Fjordcruise

Stavanger to Flørli every Saturday from 1 May, and every Saturday and Sunday from 22 May to the end of August.


About Flørli

Located halfway through the fjord lies roadless Flørli, which has been inhabited on and off since the 17th century. In 1916, construction began on a hydro-electric power plant, which supplied electricity to Stavanger. At its peak, 142 people were employed at the plant. The power station, water pipes and adjacent maintenance staircase are well preserved and give visitors a unique insight into Norwegian industrial history. 

Today Flørli4444 offers acommedation and tasteful local food in the historic buildings in Flørli. They even have a schoolpub in the small schoolhouse! Visit www.florli.no for more information.

The trails

Due to its central location, Flørli provides a good base for those who want to stay a bit longer and explore the Lysefjord. There are several hiking trails starting in Flørli, some of which are connected to the Lysefjorden Rundt trail, marked by the Stavanger Hiking Association, circumnavigating the whole fjord. Some trials are perfect day hikes when you stay in Flørli, read more here: https://www.florli.no/florlihiking/

Video presentation

If a picture says more than a thousand words, then a video is even better. Watch this presentational video borrowed from www.florli.no to experience the stunning location for yourself, and don´t tell us you won´t get tempted to try the hike yourself afterwards. 


When to go

Traditionally, June, July and August are the peak-season months, and guests from all over the world travel to our region. These months, days are very long, and the weather is often nice.

Photo: Hessel Harker


The staircase and trail are well facilitated and marked and should be easy to find and follow. However, there is always a risk of accident or sudden illness. Mountain rescue and emergency services are on standby.

In case of an emergency – dial 113


The Norwegian ‘allemannsretten’ (pronounced ALL-eh-mahns-ret-en) gives people the freedom to roam in nature, regardless of whether the land is publicly or privately owned.In Norway, and in Flørli, you hike at your own risk. The allemannsretten also assumes hikers behave responsible, taking other hikers´ and nature´s wellbeing into account.

Hiking with kids

Flørli is a moderate to demanding hike. When hiking the stairs, it is very important to take good care if you bring children. It is not recommended to take children under the age of 6.


When hiking in the Norwegian mountains you need to be prepared. Be a pro and bring the right equipment. Your safety, wellbeing and a great experience depend on it. On the video below, you can see what type of clothes and equipment we recommend using throughout the year.

Photo: outdoorlifenorway


The staircase starts in Flørli, right beside the power plant and the ferry quay. The first 2 kilometers follow the famous 4,444 steps of the world’s longest wooden staircase. Once you’ve reached the mountaintop, we advise hiking the trail through the forest and on to the remain of the Flørli village down again. It is not recommended to hike the staircase downhill.

Many visitors experience the staircase as moderate to demanding to hike. At its steepest, the staircase is 55 degrees steep. Some stretches, the staircase is located a few meters above the ground. We do not recommend taking dogs on the staircase.

Remember to eat a proper breakfast before the hike to ensure you’ll have energy throughout the day. Make sure you bring a backpack with a packed lunch, extra snacks and plenty of water.

Garbage facilities

There are garbage bins at the start only – there are no garbage bins along the trail.

We believe all hikers are nature lovers, who do not like to see garbage in nature. Please respect the common ‘leave no trace’ practice. Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. If you can take something with you up the mountain, you can also take it back down.

Do not take disposable barbeques on your hike. It is our experience that many people do not take them home because they are hot. Smoke can be inconvenient for other hikers, and during periods of drought barbeques may pose a fire hazard..


There are toilet facilities at the power plant facility/café only – there are no toilets along the trail.

Be prepared to be out in nature 4 hours, without having access to a toilet. Make sure you have visited the toilets at the start before starting your hike. If at all possible, we kindly ask you not to relieve yourself in nature. If you really must, please do not leave any toilet paper or other sanitary products behind.

Video presentation

Watch this video to see more from Flørli and its surroundings. From the legendary staircase to the magnificent fjord – this hike has it all. 

Amazing Tour

«Small stairs and a loooong way up, but it’s beautiful and so worth doing. They marked the stairs every 500, the view on the way up is beautiful and it’s very different from all other hikes, to walk up all the stairs.
Great view from the top!»


Follow the «T»

The path is market with hand painted T’s on the rocks and trees. It’s an easy trek to follow all the way to the top.

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Based on our experience, we would like to share some recommendations with you


Several hiking trails start in Flørli, some of which are connected to the Lysefjorden Rundt Trail


The Lysefjord – a unique hiking destination!

Photo: shutterstock, Flørili4444