Authentic accommodation anno 1850.


We offer our guests an authentic farmhouse from 1850, located on our mountain farm in beautiful Norwegian nature. The house has the same size and is furnished identically to the time from the 1850s.

The farmhouse still contains facilities such as a toilet, fridge, and stove, so that our guests can both bring and prepare food in a simple way.

In the Husmannshuset, as a guest, you can “take back time”, both mentally and physically, if you wish. Here you can enjoy the days and just “be”. Everyday tasks in 1850 are possible, but not so easy, and it takes time. It is good for the body and soul.

Many of our ancestors have lived in this type of house and size, they are our origin and the origin of the society we live in today. In the 1850s, Norway was one of the poorest countries in Europe.

We are happy to tell stories, as we have been told them, if you wish.

“Without knowledge of the past, we enter the future poor”.

We hope the untouched nature and the unique living experience will have a positive effect on you.

You should feel welcome, we will be available for help and advice if necessary. We hope that when you leave Haukali 33/3 you want to come back, then we have succeeded in our goal for our guests.

In the Husmannshuset there are (new) clothes from 1850, which you can borrow, and take “historical photos”, which will become memories of your stay.

Practical Information

Accommodation for 8 people. 6 km from Lysefjorden.

Included in the daily price with beds made up for up to 8 people:

  • Oven and recipes, which give guests the opportunity to bake bread, pizza and other food.
  • “Recipe book on life” in Husmannshuset, a book that provides an overview and insight into life in the 1850s.
  • Clothes from 1850, which guests can use. The clothes give a sense of life from 1850, and you can take cozy pictures inside and outside the farmhouse.
  • Great swimming opportunities, 100 meters from the cabin.
  • Good fishing opportunities, both from land and rowing boat. Both fishing rods and nets are available.
  • Unique walking tours right outside the cabin. Tell us what you want, and we can recommend activities, both in the local area and in the region.
  • Guests can also participate in the farm’s seasonal activities, such as “lemming” in April, berry tours in late summer, gathering sheep in autumn, and grooming horses.
  • In addition, guests can book guiding in the local area (weather dependent).
  • A wooden boat follows the farmhouse. In addition, you can rent SUP boards and canoes.