Høllesli and Havn on the north side of Lysefjorden have a fascinating history dating back several centuries. The area has always been known for its importance in farming and fishing, and people have been living in the area for many centuries.

Located on the northern side of Lysefjorden, Høllesli and Havn have a rich and fascinating history that dates back several centuries. The area has always been known for its significance in agriculture and fishing, and people have lived in the area for many generations. Today, Høllesli and Havn are attractive destinations for both locals and tourists alike, offering beautiful cabins and holiday homes that provide stunning views of Lysefjorden and a variety of exciting activities.

In the past, Høllesli and Havn were combination farms, where residents made a living from both agriculture and fishing. The farms had large heaths and were situated on steep slopes, with the area around Preikestolen now being jointly owned by these farms. Havn is also known for being one of the best harbours in Lysefjorden, which is how the place got its name.

In 1984, Høllesli and Havn were connected to Oanes by road, and in 1994 the road was extended over Botsheia to Jørpeland. This has made it easier for both locals and tourists to travel to and from the area. From the viewpoint at Høllesli you get a mighty view of Lysefjorden. The viewpoint is located along the Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke, close to the bridge to Forsand.


In recent years, beautiful designer cabins have also been built on the edge of the mountain, offering a breathtaking view of Lysefjorden. The Bolder Lodges is one of the newer additions to the area and provides a unique experience that combines spectacular nature with luxurious accommodation.

There are many activities to choose from in Høllesli and Havn. One of the most popular activities is to hike along Lysefjorden, which is part of the “Lysefjorden Rundt” trail. The hike offers a spectacular experience with stunning views of mountain cliffs and canyons, including Skjerajuvet and Fantahålå. Along the way, you will also see the spectacular “Fantapytten” – Lysefjorden’s infinity pool. The hike along Lysefjorden is a great way to experience the beautiful nature of the area.

Visit Høllesliheia

Embark on an exhilarating adventure through the Lysefjord’s rugged landscapes with a breathtaking hike that rivals Preikestolen in its magnificence. The trail from Høllesliheia to Preikestolen BaseCamp runs close to the fjord, offering stunning vistas as you wind through mountain cliffs and gorges, including Skjerajuvet and Fantahålå. Get ready for a demanding journey that leads you through enchanting forests, an “infinity pool” overlooking the fjord, and a dramatic look into Fantahålå cove.

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