Slow travel in the lysefjord

Travel slow and enjoy the good life at local small-scale venues.

3-6 days


3 ferries

Activity level: low

Combine traveling through the wild Lysefjord, far away from the rest of the world, with spending time at some hand-picked authentic local accommodation sites. We highly recommend staying at each location for more than one night. Submerge yourself in the unique tranquility of each location and/or explore local attractions and activities. 

Below, you will find our recommended itinerary. Of course, you pick & choose the stayings of your interest. Scroll further down for inside tips about detours and other attractions and activities to discover along this route.

Venue 1
Venue 1

The Bolder - Luxury cabins with a view

The Bolder Sky Lodges are built on one single column to minimize the footprint in the landscape. These unique, private cabins provide two double bedrooms, a designer kitchen, a bathroom, and a dining room with a view. Go to sleep and wake up immersed in nature.


The Bolder

Venue 2
Venue 2

Haukali 333 - anno 1850

Experience an authentic farmhouse, located on a mountain farm in beautiful Norwegian nature. The house has the same size and is furnished identically to the time from the 1850s. Travel back in time, have a taste of history, enjoy the scenery, and just “be”.


Haukali 333

Venue 3
Venue 3

Songesand Camp

Take a ferry through the Lysefjord from Forsand, or drive the spectacular mountain road from Årdal over Lyngsheia to Songesand and stay at Songesand Camp, a charming forest camp close to the Lysefjord. The place to be if you are looking for a quiet place in nature. It is the perfect base for exploring all the highlights of the Lysefjord, on foot or by ferry/boat.


Venue 4
Venue 4


Take a ferry through the Lysefjord from Songesand and stay at road-less Flørli, a former hydroelectric power plant village in Lysefjorden. Here, you find the world’s longest wooden staircase, 4444 steps, as well as several other spectacular trails. Spend a night or two hiking and experience Flørli’s unique atmosphere. Don’t forget to visit the power station, providing visitors with a unique insight into Norwegian industrial history. 


Venue 5
Venue 5

Hauane B&B | Lysebotn

Take a ferry through the Lysefjord from Flørli and stay at Hauane Bed & Breakfast. The Hauane farm consists of a farmhouse, a barn, and an authentic kitchen house (“eldhus”). Hauane offers a good night’s sleep and a tasty traditional Norwegian breakfast, set in a rural and scenic environment. It is a great base camp for hiking Kjerag and other mountains in the area.


Detours, attractions and activities

In and around Forsand, there are a lot of activities to engage in. Besides famous Preikestolen, you can hike to Sokkanuten, Sollifjellet, or Fantapytten, or join guided tours with Fjord Expedition, Nordic Paddling, Explore Lysefjorden or Fossanmoen Islandic Horse Center.

In Lysebotn, hiking to Kjerag is the main attraction. But there are plenty of other trails, such as Jenafjell. You can also play frisbee golf, rent a bike, or paddle in the Lysefjord. SBK Base offers rentals and tours.

Practical information

It is possible to drive this route by car and take your car on the ferry. Please check our ferry information carefully, and make sure you make a booking well in advance.

Flørli is a roadless hamlet. In general, we do not recommend taking your car to Flørli. However, if you are traveling onwards after visiting Flørli, it is possible to take your car on the ferry to Flørli, and park at the quay.

This itinerary consists of several suggested venues suitable for longer “base camp” or “retreat” stays. We recommend picking 2 or 3, and spending several nights at each location. Pick your favorites and design your own perfect “slow travel” stay in the Lysefjord! 

A video impression

We are excited to share our video impression of the Lysefjord, showcasing its diverse landscapes from rustic settlements to thrilling hiking destinations like Preikestolen, Kjerag, and Flørli. Join us on a journey through this 42-kilometer marvel, rich in history and adventure, and discover the enchanting allure of Lysefjord.”

Recommended Lysefjord Itineraries

Slow travel in the Lysefjord

Travel slow and enjoy the good life at local small-scale venues.

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For true adventure seekers, the Lysefjord offers a wide variety of water and mountain activities.

Hiking along the Lysefjord

Hike the most spectacular parts of the Lysefjord. Combine the hiking icons with rarely used trails.


Highlights of the Lysefjord

Cruise through the Lysefjord and hike the classics: Preikestolen, Flørli, Kjerag


Lysefjord visitor guide

As you experience this majestic landscape, remember that your actions hold the power to protect and celebrate our unique destination for all who follow in your footsteps.

Respect Nature

Be Part of the Local Community

Stay Safe

Choose Sustainable Alternatives