Lysebotn – Songedalen Fjellgard

Up from Lysebotn, the spectacular former construction road leading up to Fyljesdalen, offers great views on the Lyse Valley, the mighty Kjerag massif on the other side of the Lysefjord, and beautiful Fyljesdalen Valley. Fyljesdalen was the accident site for English gliding aircrafts that crashed here in 1942 during WWII Operation Freshman. The further hike through Songedalen Valley is easy, following a new gravel path. At the unique Songedalen Mountain Lodge, you can test the Lysefjord’s by far coolest outdoor toilet: a real throne!

We recommend to hike the Lysefjorden Rundt Trail anti-clockwise. The information on this page is based on hiking east-west. However, it is possible to hike this stage in both directions.

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Difficulty Demanding
Moderate if you arrange transportation 
Distance 24 km
13 km if you arrange transportation on the construction road between Lysebotn and Fyljesdalen (marked A-B on the map)
Duration 6-7 hours
4-5 hours if you arrange transportation
Total elevation gain 950 meter (east-west)
600 meter (west-east)
If you arrange transportation, you can deduct 800 meters of elevation gain westwards, 150 meters eastwards.
Season July – October
Link to digital hiking map
GPX-file Lysebotn-Songedalen (GPX)
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From Stavanger, the fastest and easiest route is to drive around the mountains, via Sirdal and over the mountain pass (Lysevegen) to Lysebotn (about 3 hours). However, you can also take the car on the ferry to Lysebotn, from Lauvvik, Forsand and Songesand.

The ferries have limited capacity and you need to book in advance (see Public Transport).

The mountain road is closed from November to Mid-May due to snow conditions.

Parking in Lysebotn. It is not allowed to drive the construction road. Transport can be arranged through SBK Base in Lysebotn.

Coming from the west, it is not possible to drive to Songedalen Fjellgard, you have to hike from Helmikstøl first. See Songedalen Fjellgard-Bakken.

Public Transport


Kolumbus – speed ferry
Ferry departures from/to Lauvvik, Forsand, Songesand and Flørli to/from Lysebotn (year-round).

Coming from the west, there is no public transportation to Songedalen Fjellgard, you have to hike from Helmikstøl first. See Songedalen Fjellgard-Bakken

You need to decide whether or not you are happy starting your hike with 11km on tarmac. We recommend to shorten the hike by 11 km by arranging transport with SBK Base, so they drive you on the construction road between Lysebotn and Fyljesdalen. The stretch is marked with A-B on the map further up.

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Lysefjord Code of Conduct
  • Plan your trip according to your ability and current conditions. Pay attention to the weather – listen to local advice.

  • Be prepared and bring necessary equipment, including good footwear, rain/wind proof clothing, a torch, hat, gloves and an extra set of warm clothes. Expect the unexpected. Bring a backpack with a packed lunch, extra snacks and water.

  • Leave no trace. Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Behave responsible, taking other hikers’ and nature’s wellbeing into account.

  • Bring a map. Follow marked trails and pay attention to signs and information boards along the way. If you lose your way, be on the lookout for cairns of rocks or red Ts. Please do not make your own cairns.

  • You hike at your own risk. Turn around in time.

  • In case of an emergency – call 113.