Jenafjell is an often overlooked summit hike starting in Lysebotn. This is an exciting trip that offers varied habitats, and formidable views. Inwards you see Lyseheiene; beyond you see the Kjerag massif and 75% of the Lysefjord. You also get a view of the 27 hairpin bends up the spectacular road from Lysebotn and up to Øygardstøl. Spectacular!

From Lysebotn, follow Nilsebuveien inwards into the valley and upwards on the north side – 4 kilometers on a paved road to the hiking sign towards Jenafjell, just below the farms Auklend and Tangen. The marked trail starts here. From here, the first part of the trip goes on a gravel construction road, with the opportunity to follow paths / footpaths along the road. Pay attention to markings where the path takes off from the construction road to follow the power line into the saddle between Jenafjell and Godliknuten. This is the same route as the old road Skinnvegen between Lysebotn and Setesdal. Follow this path further towards Grautheller for a while – in places steep and narrow path.

Lush and changing deciduous forest in the valley. At the end of the valley, the path follows a saddle further up with some steep and rugged terrain. As the mountain birch takes over the landscape, the ascent becomes more pleasant. The landscape opens up and a small concrete pond appears. The path does not cross the pond, but continues on the left side. Soon there will be a new sign for Jenafjell in a southern direction. Up in marshy terrain with sparse vegetation. The top is marked with a cairn. The last part of the trip and the top is located in Setesdal Vestheia Ryfylkeheiene landscape conservation area.

Occasionally steep terrain, and occasionally wet conditions on the trail so good footwear is definitely recommended. The rocks can become very slippery in wet weather. Nice swimming pools on the road, but the river is regulated, so be careful when swimming!


Difficulty Demanding
Distance 8 km round-trip
Duration 5 hours round-trip
Total elevation gain 650
Season June – October
Link to hiking map
GPX-file Jenafjell (GPX)
Driving directions and Parking

From Stavanger it takes 2.5-3 hours to drive to Lysebotn. The road around Hunnedalen and Sirdal is ferry-free. You can take a car on a great ferry ride through the Lysefjord. Remember to check the boat times from / to Songesand, Lauvvik and Forsand, and to reserve a place. See links under “Public transport”.

From Kristiansand via Suleskard and via Sirdal it takes about 4.5 hours to drive to Lysebotn.

Parking in Lysebotn. There is no parking at the start of the trail. Transport to the start of the trail by shuttle bus or electric bike (4 km) must be booked in advance at SBK Base in Lysebotn.

Public Transportation

Kolumbus – speed ferry
Departure from Lauvvik, Forsand, Songesand and Flørli to Lysebotn. (all year)

SBK Base activity center
Shuttle bus to trail start (4 km). You can also rent electric bikes.

Lysefjord Code of Conduct
  • Plan your trip according to your ability and current conditions. Pay attention to the weather – listen to local advice.

  • Be prepared and bring necessary equipment, including good footwear, rain/wind proof clothing, a torch, hat, gloves and an extra set of warm clothes. Expect the unexpected. Bring a backpack with a packed lunch, extra snacks and water.

  • Leave no trace. Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Behave responsible, taking other hikers’ and nature’s wellbeing into account.

  • Bring a map. Follow marked trails and pay attention to signs and information boards along the way. If you lose your way, be on the lookout for cairns of rocks or red Ts. Please do not make your own cairns.

  • You hike at your own risk. Turn around in time.

  • In case of an emergency – call 113.