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Flørlitrappene Opp

24/06/2023 @ 12:00 - 17:00

The Flørli race is an exciting adventure that starts at Flørli pier and leads up the world’s longest wooden staircase. The staircase comprises 4,444 steps and stretches for 1,470 meters with a height difference of 741 meters. Alongside the stairs are pipelines that were once used for power generation.

The stairs are quite steep, with some areas having a 50-degree incline, and there are wires and wooden railings that you can use to secure yourself. The staircase is divided into numbered sections for every 500 steps. You must be careful while passing through certain areas as there are designated no-passing zones.

There are several rest areas along the way that can help alleviate any tight calf muscles or rapid breathing. Once you reach the top, you can follow the gravel road towards Stora Flørvatnet, which is the race’s highest point. The road forks at Stora Flørvatnet, and you should take the right-hand path and follow the gravel road down towards Fløyrli.

From Fløyrlistølen, the path goes downhill and alternates between mountains, rocks, forests, and bogs, providing a stunning view of the fjord. Finally, from Flørlistølen, you’ll experience a steep descent to Flørli pier, where the finish line is located. The race is well-marked with banners and barricades, and there’s a checkpoint at the top of Flørlitrappene after approximately 1.5km.

Overall, the Flørli race is an unforgettable experience that will challenge your physical and mental limits. It’s an adventure worth taking for anyone seeking an adrenaline rush while enjoying beautiful scenery


12:00 - 17:00


Lysefjorden X Trails
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