Selvikstakken is the most beautiful vantage point west of the Lysefjord. The hike entails several ascents and descents in hilly terrain. In return, you get fantastic views of the mouth of the Lysefjord, Høgsfjord, and Frafjord.

We can warmly recommend to hike Selvikstakken (597 masl). The name of this peak tells us it has a more distinct shape compared to its neighboring mountain tops.

Follow “Lyseveien” which is a simple tractor road. Turn right after 1600 meter, just north of Blommetjørna. Follow the marked trail to a small pond south of Litle Løypedalstjørna. The shortest and easiest way is to continue on the west side of Løypedalstjørna. If you want to hike the round trip, continue eastwards until you hit the outlet of Rasmustjørna. Here, you cross the stream and continue to the north (the trail to the east leads to Bynuten). Having crossed the stream, you’ll ascent towards Selvikstakken’s neighboring peak Serifjellet, which is actually 1 meter higher, but does not have the same great views. 

Measured in a straight line, it is not far to hike to Selvikstakken, but first you have to descend steeply to a saddle between the two peaks. The remaining climb is hard, but the views from the top are definitely worth it! The views stretch from Frafjord to the south, to the Ryfylke mountains in the north. On the opposite side of the Høgsfjord, at Forsand, you can see the impressive Mount Uburen.

At the top, you can take a well-deserved break before starting the return loop. Hike down to the saddle between Selvikstakken (597 masl) and Serifjellet (598 masl) again, but continue west/down. Follow the west side of Løypedalstjørna to the tractor road. An alternative round trip is to continue west and hike up to Selvikstølen to return on the tractor road all the way back to the parking lot. It is easier to walk.

If you choose the round trip, note that it is not well marked. We recommend that you bring a map/compass. This trip often takes longer than planned. Bring a flashlight, in case it gets dark during your return. 


Difficulty Demanding
Distance 11 km round-trip
Duration 5-6 hours round-trip
Total elevation gain 700
Season May – October
Link to hiking map
GPX-file Selvikstakken (GPX)
Driving directions and Parking

From the E39, turn east at Bråsteinvatnet and follow Espelandsveien (Fv 333). After 4 km, turn right and follow Søredalen (Fv 315). After another 13.5 km, you will find the parking lot for Selvikstakken and Bynuten along the road.

From Oltedal/Gjesdal Spinneri, drive Seldalsvei (Fv 508) to the north. Turn right after 3.6 km (towards Lauvvik). You’ll see the parking lot after 1.5 km.

From Lauvvik, drive 5.9 km westwards before turning left towards Oltedal (Fv 508). You’ll see the parking lot after 2.3 km.

The parking lot along Fv 508 is quite large and has an information board.

Public Transportation

Kolumbus – speed ferry
Departure from Lysebotn, Songesand and Flørli to Lauvvik. (all year)

Kolumbus – bussrute 47

From Sandnes or Lauvvik. Exit the bus at Hommeland. From the bus stop, it is another 2.3 km to walk to the trailhead (one way).

NOTE! Check the bus time table carefully. The bus does not have many departures, and it does not always correspond with the ferries on the Lysefjord.

Nearest Accommodation

Kronen Gaard Hotel

Lysefjord Code of Conduct
  • Plan your trip according to your ability and current conditions. Pay attention to the weather – listen to local advice.

  • Be prepared and bring necessary equipment, including good footwear, rain/wind proof clothing, a torch, hat, gloves and an extra set of warm clothes. Expect the unexpected. Bring a backpack with a packed lunch, extra snacks and water.

  • Leave no trace. Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Behave responsible, taking other hikers’ and nature’s wellbeing into account.

  • Bring a map. Follow marked trails and pay attention to signs and information boards along the way. If you lose your way, be on the lookout for cairns of rocks or red Ts. Please do not make your own cairns.

  • You hike at your own risk. Turn around in time.
  • In case of an emergency – call 113.