Songedalen Mountain Farm

Songedal Fjellgard / Mountain Farm – an overnight stay with unique character and atmosphere!



Stavanger Turistforening entered into a long-term lease agreement for Songedal Fjellgard in 2005, and has adapted the old mountain farm to offer visitors accommodation with unique character and atmosphere. Bring your mountain bike and cycle to this idyllic farm, surrounded by open fields, heath and birch forest.

In the olden days, Songedal Fjellgard would have been considered a large farm. Songesand was considered a farm because it was 330 meters above sea level and far from people. The sea route was long and tough, so it was no wonder that it was difficult to get people to stay. The farm was closed in 1902 and sold as pasture for sheep and cattle from other settlements.

The cabin is equipped with what you need for cooking and living, including kitchen utensils, crockery, and basic bedding. There is no electricity, but gas, firewood and candles. Guests organize their own cooking, water collection, washing up, cleaning the floor, and otherwise cleaning the cabin inside and out. Sheet sleeping bags or sleeping bags should be used in the beds during winter. Sheet sleeping bags should be used during the summer.


Practical Information

Unstaffed cabin, unlocked

Beds: 19

Opening hours: year round

Booking: the cabin must be pre-booked

Contact Information

+47 51840200