This hike will take your breath away! If you can only pick 1 hike in the Lysefjord area, this brand new trail absolutely competes with Preikestolen. 75% of the route runs close along the fjord. Several hundred meters above sea level, the trail winds along several mountain cliffs and gorges, including Skjerajuvet and Fantahålå – through stunning landscapes past countless panoramic viewpoints. If you pay attention, you will find the cool Fantapytten – Lysefjord’s own “infinity pool”.

This is a demanding hike. From the start, the terrain is mountainous, with many small ascends and descends, while the trail winds along and past several cliffs, small gorges and rock formations. There are some exposed sections. Before gorge Skjerajuvet, you will climb a short, but steep hill with a telephone mast at the top. The deep and photogenic Skjerajuvet really deserves a short break, before you meet some new slopes towards Mount Hatten. 

Past Hatten, the trail runs downhill following an old cairned route. Here, the terrain is a lot easier, so you can enjoy the views on the Lysefjord, right in front of you, in all its glory. Just before you reach a mountain shelf near Fantahålå, the trail dives down through a fairy-tale like forest slope called Lausefjell. The next attraction is “Fantapytten” – a shallow puddle with a world-class view on the Lysefjord. Seen from the right angle, the pond looks like an “infinity pool”. You are guaranteed to get many “likes” with a photo of yourself bathing while taking in the fjord vista.

From here, the trail turns away from the Lysefjord. After a good hill the trail passes the viewpoint from where you can look straight down and into Fantahålå cove. If you are lucky, you can wave to the passengers on board the tourist boats visiting this legendary place.

After a couple of kilometers through a lush forest, the trail leads to beautiful Lake Refsvatnet. Situated on the moraines at the end of the lake is the former Vatne Farm and current Preikestolen BaseCamp. A perfect place to enjoy a well-deserved dinner after a demanding but rewarding hike!  

Difficulty Demanding
Distance 9 km (AB)
Duration 4-5 hours
Total elevation gain 600
Season May – October
Link to hiking mapøllesliheia
GPX-file Høllesliheia-Preikestolen BaseCamp (GPX)


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Driving directions and Parking

The trail leads from The Bolder Skylodge to Preikestolen BaseCamp. We recommend to start at The Bolder.

Parking facilities are available at both The Bolder and Preikestolen Parking.

The Bolder is located along fv 523, 10 km south of Jørpeland, and 6 km north of Forsand. 

When parking at Preikestolen Parking, follow signs to Preikestolen. 9 km from Jørpeland, 17 km from Forsand.

Public Transportation

Kolumbus – speed ferry
Departure from Lysebotn, Songesand and Flørli to Forsand. (all year)

Kolumbus – local buss 120
Between Forsand and Jørpeland. Take the bus to reach to the trailhead. Ask the bus driver to stop at The Bolder Skylodge (there is no regular bus stop there).

Strand taxi
For transport between Preikestolen Basecamp and The Bolder.

Preikestolen Ekspress Bus or Pulpit Rock Tours
For transport between Preikestolen Parking and Jørpeland / Stavanger.

Lysefjord Code of Conduct
  • Plan your trip according to your ability and current conditions. Pay attention to the weather – listen to local advice.

  • Be prepared and bring necessary equipment, including good footwear, rain/wind proof clothing, a torch, hat, gloves and an extra set of warm clothes. Expect the unexpected. Bring a backpack with a packed lunch, extra snacks and water.

  • Leave no trace. Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Behave responsible, taking other hikers’ and nature’s wellbeing into account.

  • Bring a map. Follow marked trails and pay attention to signs and information boards along the way. If you lose your way, be on the lookout for cairns of rocks or red Ts. Please do not make your own cairns.

  • You hike at your own risk. Turn around in time.

  • In case of an emergency – call 113.