Safe Boat Rental

Boat Rental at Lysefjorden Marina.


Safe Boat Rental offers boat rental from Lysefjorden Marina. The boats are 15 foot long equipped with 30 hp outboard engines. They are certified for 5 persons and can easily be maneuvered. Some experience from previous boating is preferred. Lysefjorden Marina is the perfect starting point to explore the fjord. Easy access by road and free parking. Gas pumps to re-fuel the boats are available on the docks. There are popular sightseeing locations along the entire fjord. Pick and choose what you want to see, how long you want to stay and bring your favorite people. Bring some extra clothes, food and beverages and you are set for an exciting day with grand impressions

Practical Information

Book your boat directly online. Pick up the keys when you arrive from the grocery store (Joker). The keys can be returned after closing hours when you return from your trip. Information describing the most visited sites can be found on our website, but feel free to improvise.

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Contact Information

+47 46 98 42 52