Lysefjorden Rundt

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Lysefjorden Rundt is one of the country’s most spectacular multi-day hiking trails – it comes highly recommended by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT).

The classics Preikestolen, Kjerag and Flørli, all located along the Lysefjord, are among the most iconic hikes in the world. However, the 42-kilometer-long fjord offers a wide range of other lesser-known trails, rock formations and viewpoints.

The Lysefjorden Rundt Trail runs from fjord to mountain, and back down again several times. It winds past old mountain farms, disused hydropower settlements, mountain lakes, gorges and rock cliffs, over bedrock and through lush forests. In addition to beautiful nature, you can discover many cultural-historical treasures.

Lysefjorden Rundt is signposted and marked in collaboration with the Norwegian Trekking Association, Lysefjorden Utvikling and local landowners. The trail is 100 kilometers long and divided into 8 stages. The terrain and trail are at times very demanding. Remember that you do not have to hike around the entire Lysefjord! You are welcome to collect different stages and come back several times. Along the trail, you can spend the night in different types of cabins and tourism facilities.

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explanation of symbols

The duration of the different stages as well as their elevation gain can vary depending on whether you hike from A to B or from B to A. Where different values are shown, it is specified to which hiking direction it applies.


Distance (one-way)

Duration (one-way)

Accumulative elevation gain



The spectacular Skåpet cabins form a gateway to the trail network in the Frafjordheiane Landscape Conservation Area, south of the Lysefjord. Skåpet is also the first or last cabin along the Lysefjorden Rundt Trail. The trail runs along the entire Lysefjord, passing world-famous attractions Preikestolen, Kjerag, and Flørli. Located just a 1.5 hours hike from the parking lot in Vinddalen, Skåpet is a great place for families with children or others who want to go on a weekend trip.


3.5 km

1.5 hours

250 meter (west-east)

50 meter (east-west)


stage 2: SKÅPET – FLørli

Follow the historic “Svenskaveien” (Swedish Road) through scree fields and wild valleys. This stage offers lots of varied nature and will lead you from higher elevation back to the tree line, all the way down to the Lysefjord and idyllic Flørli. In the roadless hamlet of Flørli you will find many traces of the vacated hydropower village infrastructure, established 100 years ago. Learn about the industrial history, enjoy nature and recharge for the ascent of the Flørli stairs (next stage).


10 km

4-5 hours (west-east)

5-6 hours (east-west)

350 meter (west-east)

900 meter (east-west)

June - October

Stage 3: Flørli – Langavatn

Hiking the world’s longest wooden staircase is an experience of a lifetime. 4,444 steps will lead you up from the fjord to 742 meters above sea level, in just 2 km, offering mighty views of the Lysefjord and the village of Flørli along the way. Suddenly, you are in the mountains. It is a very long hike to Langavatn. Start early and be prepared for a lot of elevation gain! The trail leads through very varied terrain. Exposed bedrock, sprinkled with boulders from the last ice age, bogs and ponds. It’s a tough hike with a true wilderness experience. Come prepared.

Very demanding (west-east)

Demanding (east-west)

17 km (west-east)

19 km (east-west)

8-10 hours (west-east)

7-9 hours (east-west)

1600 meter (west-east)

550 meter (east-west)

July - October

STAGE 4: Langavatn – Kjerag – lysebotn

Kjeragbolten, also called «Majesty of the Lysefjord», is wedged 984 meters above sea level. Standing on the boulder provides a real adrenaline kick, but nature along the trail is so spectacular, that the rock information itself is only one of the highlights. From Langavatn, the trip first goes over bare rock, before you reach the edge of the mountain plateau, overlooking the fjord, providing both horizontal and vertical vistas. Having finished this stage, you have come all the way to the end of the fjord – the cozy town of Lysebotn is surrounded by mighty mountain walls. Here you can frolic in three-course dinners, take a wonderful shower and sleep in soft beds, before heading off hiking the north side of the Lysefjord.


12.5 km

7-8 hours (south-north)

8-9 hours (north-south)

550 meter (south-north)

850 meter (north-south)

July - October

Stage 5: Lysebotn – Songedalen fjellgard

Up from Lysebotn, the spectacular former construction road leading up to Fyljesdalen, offers great views on the Lyse Valley, the mighty Kjerag massif on the other side of the Lysefjord, and beautiful Fyljesdalen Valley. Fyljesdalen was the accident site for English gliding aircrafts that crashed here in 1942 during WWII Operation Freshman. The further hike through Songedalen Valley is easy, following a new gravel path. At the unique Songedalen Mountain Lodge, you can test the Lysefjord’s by far coolest outdoor toilet: a real throne!


Moderate (with arranged transportation on the construction road)

24 km

13 km if you skip the construction road by arranging transportation

6-7 hours

4-5 hours with arranged transportation

950 meter (east-west)

600 meter (west-east)

If you arrange transportation, you can deduct 800 meters of elevation coming from the East; 150 meters when coming from the West.

July - October

STAGE 6: Songedalen fjellgard – Bakken gård

Follow the river Dalaåna from the mountains all the way to the fjord at Songesand. The river eventually passes through a spectacular gorge-like valley. If you come from the east, you have a view of the fjord, Neverdalsfjellet and Preikestolen in the distance, all day. From Songesand, the trail follows the shore along the fjord to Bakken. Do not be fooled: scree fields make this stretch a real challenge. Reward yourself with home-made pizza baked in the wood-fired pizza oven at the newly renovated Bakken Farm, former home of Pilt-Ola, the Lysefjord’s very own hiking legend!


9.5 km

5 hours

200 meter (east-west)

450 meter (west-east)

April - October

Stage 7: Bakken gård – Preikestolen basecamp

This demanding stage, with some scrambling sections, entails multiple highlights. From “Hoppet” you can see the entire Lysefjord. The trail passes spectacular Hengjanenibbå and the legendary Hengjane Farm. Many hikers have underestimated Neverdalen Valley’s length and uphills. Looking forward to reach Preikestolen does give you the mental energy needed. The ‘Jewel of the Lysefjord’, towering 604 meters above sea level has provides you with world famous views. The cherry on the cake after having hiked for multiple days. Reward yourself with good food and a soft bed at Preikestolen BaseCamp, overlooking Lake Refsvatnet.


15.5 km (incl. Preikestolen)

11.5 km (excl. Preikestolen)

8-9 hours (incl. Preikestolen)

6-7 hours (excl. Preikestolen)

950 meter (east-west)

800 meter (west-east)

Not hiking Preikestolen saves you 200 meters of elevation gain

May - October

The Preikestolen Trail is open year-round

stage 8: Preikestolen basecamp – Høllesliheia

This hike will take your breath away! The trail runs close along the fjord 75% of the time. After passing beautiful Refsvatnet and a dense forest, you’ll reach the Lysefjord. Here, the path winds hundreds of meters above sea level, along several mountain cliffs and gorges, including Skjerajuvet and Fantahålå, and through mighty nature past countless panoramic viewpoints. If you pay close attention, you will find the rather unique “Fantapytten” – the Lysefjord’s own ‘infinity pool’.

New trail!


10 km

4-5 hours

500 meter (east-west)

600 meter (west-east)

May - October

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