one of the natural wonders of Norway


When to Go

The road to the Kjerag trail head is open from late May throughout October. The parking lot facilities and tourist information office are open from the road-opening in May to mid-October.

Note that, during this period, weather and trail conditions change a lot. Depending on which season you are visiting Kjerag – they are very different! – you should adapt your preparations and the equipment you bring accordingly.

Peak-season months

Traditionally, June, July and August are the peak-season months, and guests from all over the world travel to our region. These months, days are very long, and the weather is often nice. Especially on sunny weekends, many visitors hike to Kjerag. On peak days, this may lead to some on-trail crowding, and waiting lines at the boulder.

Visiting off-season

Especially outside peak-season and/or to less-experienced hikers, we recommend joining a guided tour. Regardless of the season, guided tour companies take the hassle out of the logistics and make sure you are prepared for a safe hike. Hiking with a local also ensures you get the most out of your experience. Maybe you meet new friends as well!

Winter expeditions

When the road to the trailhead is closed (November to mid-May) guided multi-day winter expeditions are the only means to reach Kjerag. You need to have extensive hiking experience to join these tours.

The table below can give you a good sense of the abundance of hikers at Kjerag, average temperature, rain and sunshine throughout the year.

Month Hiking Crowds Average
at the Top
Hours of
start the
hike after:
January Road closed -8°C / 18°F 22 1 N/A
February Road closed -8°C / 18°F 20 3 N/A
March Road closed -5°C / 23°F 18 5 N/A
April Road closed -3°C / 27°F 17 6 N/A

Road normally opens May 20

1°C / 34°F

Expect snow on the trail

17 7 3:00 pm

5°C / 41°F

Expect snow on the trail

17 8 4:00 pm
July 6°C / 43°F 18 7 4:00 pm
August 6°C / 43°F 21 6 3:00 pm
September 3°C / 37°F 24 4 1:00 pm

0°C / 32°F

Expect snow on the trail

24 3 12:00 pm
November Road closed -4°C / 25°F 26 1 N/A
December Road closed -7°C / 19°F 24 1 N/A

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