Pilt-Ola spelet

Join us for an unforgettable experience at Bakken Gard by the Lysefjord! We proudly present the Pilt-Ola play with script and direction by the talented Torfinn Nag. With stars such as Ole Alexander Mæland and Andreas Cappelen in the lead roles, as well as about 30 enthusiastic individuals from Forsand, Strand, and Stavanger, this is […]

Lysefjorden Inn

The race starts at 8:30 am at Oanes Kai, and the route follows the road towards Jørpeland for approximately 7 kilometers on asphalt. When you reach Heiatjørna, the route takes a detour and follows a trail up towards the Preikestolen mountain lodge through rugged terrain. From the mountain lodge, the route continues towards Preikestolen on […]


Heliboogie has been organized since 1998 and is an annual tradition. It is all about having fun. Meeting other base jumpers from all over the world with the same passion; jumping off fixed objects. Especially high cliffs like Kjerag that have about 1000 meters from the top to sea level. Usually, it takes 2.5 to […]

Flørlitrappene Opp

The Flørli race is an exciting adventure that starts at Flørli pier and leads up the world's longest wooden staircase. The staircase comprises 4,444 steps and stretches for 1,470 meters with a height difference of 741 meters. Alongside the stairs are pipelines that were once used for power generation. The stairs are quite steep, with […]

Lysebotn Opp

Join us for a spectacular nature experience and witness the world's best cross-country skiers, biathletes, and long-distance skiers tackle the monster hill of Lysebotn Opp 2023! With 7.5 km and 27 hairpin turns with an average gradient of 10%, participants will push themselves to their limits in this unique challenge. We ask spectators to maintain […]

Rockman Swimrun

During Rockman Swimrun, the exciting story of Rockman will continue along the shores of Lysefjorden, where great challenges await you. Rockman's long course starts with specacular ferry jump and a fjordswim of 1000 meter before you must climb the 4444 stairway to heaven. After returning to Flørli you will challenge yourself with the refreshing fjordcrossing. […]

Lysefjorden Ut

The race starts at Lysebotn quay at 7:30 am, and runners will follow an asphalt road up to Ørnerede, a distance of about 7.5 kilometers. Then, you will continue on the tourist trail through hilly terrain out to Kjeragbolten. After reaching Kjeragbolten, you will continue on a tourist trail to Stordalen, further towards Lodervika and […]

Tripp Trapp Triathlon

Mountains and deep valleys can be a real challenge for even the toughest athletes, but Lysefjorden is undoubtedly the best location for an adrenaline-fueled triathlon. Join us in the world's most stunning triathlon and set your sights on completing a grueling course of 25km of paddling, a 750-meter climb up the 4,444 steps from Flørli, […]


Fantapyttløpet is a challenging trail run covering approximately 9 km with an elevation gain of about 650m. The race starts at The Bolder Skyloge and follows a marked trail along the fjord to Fantajuvet before turning towards Preikestolen BaseCamp. The race is limited to 100 participants, and there is a cutoff time of 3.5 hours. […]