active in the lysefjord

For true adventure seekers, the Lysefjord offers a wide variety of water and mountain activities that can keep you busy for days.

6-10 days


3 ferries

Activity level: moderate to high

If you are seeking an adrenaline rush, look no further! The Lysefjord is most known for some of the most iconic hikes in the world: Preikestolen, Kjerag, and Flørli. However, there are loads of other hiking trails and activities to explore. Biking, kayaking, horseback riding, boating, and more: the options are endless. It might be impossible to complete the full itinerary describes here. The idea is to inspire you to stay a little longer, explore a little more, get “off the beaten track”, and get more out of your stay in the Lysefjord. Pick and combine your favorites for the perfect adventure stay in the Lysefjord!

Below, you will find our recommended itinerary. Scroll further down for inside tips about detours and other attractions and activities to discover along this route.

Cruise the Lysefjord

Cruise through the fjord and witness Preikestolen and Hengjanefossen waterfall. There are both boat and RIB cruises in the Lysefjord. Most fjord cruises start in Stavanger. Return to Stavanger, or get off at Forsand to continue your adventure in the Lysefjord.


Horseback riding with a view

From Forsand, you can join a spectacular horseback riding tour to Mount Uburen, providing fantastic views of the area around the mouth of the Lysefjord. Icelandic horses give you a comfortable way of reaching the top, while at the same time challenging both balance and the art of trusting other individuals.


Fossanmoen Islandic Horse Center

Bike along the Lysefjord

The dead-end narrow and windy road from Forsand to Fossmork runs along the Lysefjord. It is perfect for biking while taking in the stunning scenery, including views on Preikestolen. Take your own bike, or rent electric bikes at Explore Lysefjorden. At the end of the road, you can hike to Sollifjellet.


Paddling the Lysefjord

Explore the stunning scenery of one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords, Lysefjord, in a kayak! Experience Preikestolen, Fantahålå, and other highlights, from the sea. At the Lysefjord, we have two local professional kayak tour companies, Fjord Expedition and Nordic Paddling, providing safe, high-quality, and unforgettable adventures.


Bike the old road to Jørpeland

Cycling the 25 km “old road” via Kolabygda to Jørpeland, you get to experience the Lysefjord, Høgsfjord, and Botnefjord. Along the way, there are a number of small hills to overcome, but the effort is rewarded with nice downhills. You cycle along fjord arms with many cozy coves and small farms. The route is part of the longer Lysefjordruta cycle route.


Hike Preikestolen

Of course, the biggest nature experience of the Lysefjord must be part of this itinerary. Formed by melting glaciers more than 10,000 years ago, Preikestolen is the most iconic natural landmark in Norway. Atop the 604 meters high cliff, you will experience the Lysefjord and find some of the most dramatic views Fjord Norway has to offer. If you want to beat the crowds, do a sunrise hike!



Jørpeland - Lyngsheia - Songesand by bike

The 61-kilometer stretch from Jørpeland, via Tau and Årdal to Songesand at the Lysefjord is part of the longer Lysefjordruta bike route. The route is tough and best to bike with an e-bike. Along the way, you will pass beautiful Lake Tysdalsvatnet and the wild mountain plateau of Lyngsheia.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get fantastic views of the fjord, with Preikestolen in the background. Descent through a magical wooded gorge, along the river Dalaåna. You can spend the night in magical Songesand, or take a ferry further through the Lysefjord.  


Hike Flørli

Cruise through the Lysefjord, and visit the roadless hamlet of Flørli, a former power plant village. Hike the world’s longest wooden staircase, 4,444 steps long, to enjoy jaw-dropping views of the Lysefjord and surrounding mountains. Hike down, visit the power station, and spend a night at this unique location.


Adventures in Lysebotn

Cruise through the Lysefjord and visit Lysebotn. Here, you can/must visit Kjerag, one of our hiking icons. But there is much more to discover. SBK BASE is Lysebotn’s main activity center and provides equipment rental and guided tours for kayaking, canoeing, SUP boarding, biking, and more. Go paddling on the fjord, biking one of the narrow and windy mountain roads, or hiking to Jenafjell.


Detours, attractions and activities

In general, we recommend staying an extra night in Forsand, Jørpeland, Songesand, Flørli and/or Lysebotn.

It is easy to stay an extra night in Forsand. Gjøysa Gard, Lysefjorden Marina, Haukali 333, Lysefjorden Hyttegrendand The Bolder offer accommodation. Besides the already mentioned activities above, we can recommend a hike to Sokkanuten, Sollifjellet or Fantapytten. If you want to explore the Lysefjord more, you can rent a boat through Lysefjorden Marina.

Near Preikestolen, you can stay at Preikestolen BaseCamp, PreikestolenCamping, Verkshotellet or Marihønehuset. Villa Rosehagen in Jørpeland is a pleasant eatery in an old wooden villa from 1912. Go for more local hikes around Jørpeland, or walk to the popular Jørpelandsholmen Island, reachable by a bridge, just outside the city center. Here, you can walk, jog, swim, barbeque, play disc golf, fish, or visit children’s playgrounds.

Along the biking route between Jørpeland and Songesand, we can recommend a stay at Lilland Hotel, Wathne Camping or Høiland Gard.

Practical information

It is possible to drive this route by car and take your car on the ferry. Please check our ferry information carefully, and make sure you make a booking well in advance.

Flørli is a roadless hamlet. In general, we do not recommend taking your car to Flørli. If you are traveling around in the Lysefjord and returning to the same place afterward, we recommend parking your car at Forsand, using the ferry as a passenger.

However, if you are traveling onwards after visiting Flørli, it is possible to take your car on the ferry to Flørli and park at the quay.

This itinerary consists of a range of suggested activities. We recommend picking a few and spending several nights at each location. Pick your favorites and design your own perfect “adrenaline adventure” in the Lysefjord!

A video impression

We are excited to share our video impression of the Lysefjord, showcasing its diverse landscapes from rustic settlements to thrilling hiking destinations like Preikestolen, Kjerag, and Flørli. Join us on a journey through this 42-kilometer marvel, rich in history and adventure, and discover the enchanting allure of Lysefjord.”

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For true adventure seekers, the Lysefjord offers a wide variety of water and mountain activities.

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Lysefjord visitor guide

As you experience this majestic landscape, remember that your actions hold the power to protect and celebrate our unique destination for all who follow in your footsteps.

Respect Nature

Be Part of the Local Community

Stay Safe

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